Chrome Profile Generator Software Free

Chrome Profile Generator Software Free Download

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Why Google Profiles Feature Is Helpful For Your Multiple Tasks

The Many users use more than one Google account for different purposes, Like a business account, educational account, and personal account. Signing out of one account and then signing in to another can be quite annoying, and with multiple accounts, you must repeat the process. With the Google Chrome profile feature, you can have separate profiles for each account. And each profile can log into the account, such as Gmail, etc. Each profile keeps its own information, such as tabs, sessions, bookmarks. , history, homepage, and saved passwords. Multiple profiles can also be helpful when sharing your system with multiple people.

If You Want To Create a One By One Chrome Profile

  • Open The Google Chrome browser
  • Click On the Profile icon on the top-right corner side
  • Manage people option in Chrome profile settings
  • Add person button in
  • Write a name for the new profile
  • Select an image to identify the profile
  • Click the Add button and enjoy

Switch to another profile

  • Open The Google Chrome browser
  • At the top right, click Profile Profile.
  • Choose the profile you want to switch to.


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