Facebook In Streeam Ad Course Full Update


  • Introduction to earning money from in-stream ads in your videos
  • How to Use Creator Studio (Deeply Explained)
  • Types of contents you can use for instream ads without any copyright
  • How to make your own content ( Special Method)
  • How to complete criteria with your own content
  • How to Earn from Gaming Content
  • How to Monetize Your Facebook Page with In-stream Ads
  • How to manage page from Pakistan
  • How to find Groups for Million Views
  • Group sharing method (Manual/Auto)
  • How to manage multiple Facebook Ids for group sharing
  • How to secure Payouts to avoid holds
  • How to change Bank without getting pause issue
  • How to chat with the payout support team
  • How to Facebook rights manager
  • How To Organic page run


1- Indian 3 Pc Cloning Method

2- Group High Reach Find

3- 2 Factor Method New

4- LOC Remove Trick

5- Termux Cloning Method

6- RDP Method 3

Facebook Ads on Reels Module No 3

  • Introduction to Facebook Ads On Reel Program

  • What are Reels on Facebook
    Eligibity Criteria for Ads On Reel

  • How to get Ads On Reel in pakistan

  • What type of content you can use for Ads On Reels

  • How to share Ads On Reels in secure way

  • How to earn form Ads On Reel reels

  • How to receive Ads On Reels Payment in Any Country


1- USA Pc Cloning Method

2- Facebook Auto ids Login Method

3- Facebook Watchtime Method 2

4- Facebook Cloning Bot

5- Facebook Auto Sharing Method


1- Dubai Pc Cloning Method

2- Facebook Threshold method

3- Facebook Followers Panel

4- Classic Page Profile page Trick

5- Facebook Video Recommendatin trick


1- Pakistani 3 pc cloning Method

2- Facebook hacking 

3- Facebook views Method

4- How to grow groups 30 days

5- Cricket Live Page Method


1- UK Pc Cloning Method

2- Bangladash 3 Pc Cloning Method

3- Germany 2 Pc Cloning Method

4- centbrowser Cloning Method